"Kalandar’s treatments made me realise how much I wish I’d encountered the benefits of Shiatsu earlier in my life. I've never felt so relaxed."   Geraldine LANDER

"Kalandar is a very good practitioner .. he is conscientious, caring and professional, and I always feel better after a treatment from him"   Yana NILSSON

"Kalandar provided a refreshing way to resolve two seriously painful joints. In each case, a single session was able to resolve the real 'ow' of the problem, while further sessions and the suggested exercises have helped regain a sense of normality."   Mark of Thrupp

"I have contacted much more feeling in my life from having shiatsu sessions with Kalandar"  Ben REDDICK

"Kalandar is really present with what is going on. He is a very good practitioner"

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