How Shiatsu might help You

You may be unsure what your priorities are in terms of health and well-being or perhaps there's an echo of anxiety around. You could also come for a session with a more obvious issue, eg feeling run-down or depressed or maybe recovering from an injury.

Fundamental to Shiatsu is an awareness of how energy patterns manifest in your body which elucidates the meaning behind the phrase 'the body never lies'.

Where Shiatsu may help and may support your healing process:

a) RESILIENCE re Physical Energy:

Sessions can address physical injuries and restore well-being and wholeness. That change of focus may encourage positive change at your own pace.

b) Creating OPENNESS:

Once the body feels more in flow, there may be a release of congestion which can perhaps allow aspects of your life to work better and be more productive

c) Emotional CONFIDENCE:

When body and mind are in alignment and you have more available energy, then your confidence may be more alive and affect you positively and the world around you.

d) Support and GUIDANCE:

Regular sessions support not only everyday health but may reveal patterns connected with your life-purpose and aspirations on a wider, more integrative level.

e) Experiencing a sense of ONENESS:

Sessions can often reach a place of stillness, a sense of Oneness with everything, that is life-affirming as if going back to Source where everything is possible and available.

f) Strengthening the IMMUNE RESPONSE:

It is now well understood that the relaxation response strengthens the immune system and enables your system to protect and encourage resilience against the knocks of everyday life.

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